Winning Partners Trophy

CLICK HERE to make a donation to Celebrate Recovery at Celebration Church in Columbia, Maryland.

This ministry provides most of its services (weekly dinner and program materials) to CR participants without charge or fee.  However, the need for ongoing monetary support for our programs cannot be understated. In a season of recession with the family unit under increased stress, Celebrate Recovery is quickly become THE PLACE for family members to be to begin their healing. As such, we rely on the goodwill of the Celebration Church membership and Winning Partners who commit private funding and volunteer resources in support of our mission.

Winning Partners (corporations, non-profit organizations, or private donors) are publicly awarded and recognized by the formal presentation of an inscribed trophy; organizations have their names, logos, and contact information presented on the Celebration Church, Celebrate Recovery website; and where appropriate, their organizational names will be included on CR-related publicly distributed materials used for advertising or fund-raising activities. The following contribution levels are as follows:

$1000 PLATINUMTrophy, website presence, CR publicly distributed collateral, free limited access to CR-sponsored paid events, future event and programs consultation.

$500 GOLD - Trophy, website presence, CR publicly distributed collateral

$250 SILVER – Website presence, CR publicly distributed collateral

$75 BRONZE - Advertisement on CR publicly distributed collateral

Please contact us directly to discuss how to become a Winning Partner at Celebration Church, Celebrate Recovery.

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